One groundbreaking Network technology that solves all your traffic issues through your existing connection

The four pillars of our network

Enigma Net is a Zero-Trust accelerated private network that delivers NO COMPROMISE on the four key requirements of a great network: Privacy, High Speed, Stability, Security

A cost effective tech solution that is easy to install and integrates with your existing system.


We obscure and obfuscate your data to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks, whilst also
ensuring no logs are kept, giving absolute privacy and secrecy.


The technology behind our TCP Acceleration x64 times moves your data faster.


Our advanced connectivity solution ensures that you have the most unbreakable connection possible, in every situation.


Our zero-trust network has 256bit AES as standard, with a quantum level encryption for enhanced security protocols.

Enigma Net solves your internet problems

Our solutions are a disruptively simple way to enhance your internet connectivity using your current connection. It enhances productivity performance by removing business inefficiencies and network frustrations.


Our patented software uses machine learning AI to self-monitor, enhancing transfer and bandwidth based on the ebb and flow of internet traffic.

Out-of-the-box advanced networking

Ground-breaking networking that manages traffic through your existing connection

Tailored business networking

Custom NaaS solution that builds on our APN to meet your unique needs

For networks with the highest demand

Bespoke network services and monitoring meeting the highest network demands

Why you need Enigma Net

Our system rejects potential threats, improves productivity and provides peace of mind.

To improve connections with fixed sites, mobile or home offices

To safely move large data files, video content or backups.

When an uninterrupted service is critical.

When your communications rely on fast internet connectivity.

When you need high-level data obfuscation.

To meet your Cyber Essentials security pledge.

If you have migrated from the cloud back to fixed servers.

To meet your pledge to reduce your carbon impact.

Advanced internet connectivity for businesses and high data use customers

We enable safer and faster data transmission over public internet and cloud services.

Enigma Net provides cutting-edge advanced networking as a service (NaaS), Intelligent Monitoring (ITM) and Accelerated Private Networks (APN) built on proprietary multipoint Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS).

What is an APN?

An APN, or Accelerated Private Network, is like a private highway built just for your business’ internet data. Imagine you’re driving on a crowded public road; this is what it’s like to send your data over the regular internet. Think of an APN as a secure, private road that only your data can travel on. It’s faster because there’s no traffic, more secure because it’s just for you. Plus, this private road is smart. It can adjust to avoid congestion, prioritise important data, and keep everything running smoothly.

Unique patented APN technology

Our APN technology uses AI machine learning and a patented proprietary Layer 2 communication protocol that is designed to stabilise connections, massively increasing throughput, and saving you time and money.

Our APN offers increased security and stability, higher data transfer speeds and reduced energy usage. With 128-bit encryption and no Deep Packet inspection, your privacy and cyber security is guaranteed.

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